if birds had arms

Friday, 18 January 2019

If you can, I ask that you take a moment of your day to stop and ponder the wonder that is birds with arms.

Recently, I've been thinking a lot about this. What once started as a mere instagram story, soon made its way into the big wide world of twitter. And now, my brain child, much like the birds I speak of, has migrated all the way to my blog #proudmum
or youtube. I'm not sure. It depends how many people I want to not see it.

I personally think there would be nothing greater than birds with arms. Perhaps that's because I'm easily amused, like a cat might be by a laser pointer. Or maybe it's because on a subconscious level I'm actually of the anthropocentric view and find nothing more interesting than in seeing myself reflected in every piece of creation. Actually I think that's just called being narcissistic but this is all just theoretical so it doesn't matter.

I love animals I swear.
Don't know what that says? Too small for you to read?
You're clearly anthropocentric.

Jokes aside - well not really, this whole thing is a joke - I thought it essential the world see exactly what I picture when I imagine:


And so I've made some extremely extremely high quality images for you to peruse so that you too may share in the glory of my wondrous idea.

Watch in awe as the ibis majestically flies off into the sunset with your 5 years olds Vegemite sandwich.

As you can see the bin chicken pictured has evolved so much, it no longer has to steal from trash can or scare your children into abandoning their food with that beak, it can simply walk right up to you and grab your food. What could be better? Sharing is caring.

But the bin chicken isn't the only bird who deserves such a glow up.

You'll be pleased to know, with arms Cockatoos have the ability to irritate us even further. Now they can play rad music to match their crazy hairdo!!

The kookaburra now has the opposable thumbs to take public humiliation all the way to twitter.

Use your imagination to pretend the blank rectangle is actually an iPhone. (Images not to scale. If they were the phone would likely be bigger than the bird and we don't want to be blocking this guys smug lil' face now do we?)

And the Cassowary just got a little bit more dangerous.

This is the future of bird life down under. 
Bird watchers beware.

Note: Click on the images for photographers links.

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