Monday, 11 July 2016

Dawn of a new day: a new beginning; a fresh start; an important, promising turning point, Or just some good ol' photos of the sunrise.

Once upon a time, in a land by the ocean, three girls set out at the unholy hour of of 7am with one goal in mind: To get through the morning without completely losing the feeling in their toes. But maybe that was just my goal...

Okay, enough of my blabber. A short while ago I attempted to photograph the sunrise with my sister and one of my friend's. It was very cold but so worth it. As you can see it was very overcast, fortunately we missed the rain.
I've never tried to photograph anything like this before so the morning involved a lot of experimentation on my part when it came to working out how to take the photo without it being blurry.

This made for a really interesting morning and I'm pretty happy with these photos so I hope you enjoy this post.

Till next time,


  1. These are stunning photos! To watch the sunrise is on my summer bucket list, and I better get on that before fall comes! I love how the slight blur in that first photo captures the wild motion of the water <3

    Beatrice | Beanau Blog

  2. Great photos Bobblegary

  3. These photos are so beautiful! Sunsets in Aus are always so amazing xx


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