Monday, 6 June 2016

Dia dhuit! (I don't know, apparently that's some sort of greeting/hello - I tried to be smart but in reality I probably couldn't pronounce that for you and I'm not so sure I got the spelling right.)

Okay. So the other weekend I went to a Celtic Festival and it was absolutely freezing! Or at least I thought it was, until I compared the weather with that of what my NZ buddies were experiencing. But it honestly was very chilly.

The day was really fun and I have to say the music really set the mood.

While we were there I took a few photos - most of which are of the buildings - which I thought I would show you because why not? I thought they looked cool. Well, not so much the photos but the places in real life. That being said the photos aren't awful.

Yeah um... enough from me. Bye. Enjoy your day, month, year, I don't know if you will ever return but please don't leave me. I'm lonely.

Spot the alcohol bottle in the photo above

This photo isn't in focus but whatever. Would you have noticed if I didn't tell you?

Scaffolding can be beautiful too. Don't discriminate.

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