Monday, 21 March 2016

Hey there! I'm feeling extremely uncreative at the moment but I figured I still needed to post something or else I'll slip into the habit of being like: Well, I didn't post last Monday so I'm sure no one will miss me if I skip another Monday and while we're at it, let's disappear from the internet for another 12 months because it's only 365 days... It's not that long.

So anyway, I'm just going to show you two paintings I did recently along with the reference photos I used. FUN FACT: I actually don't like painting. ANOTHER FUN FACT: I like painting raindrops. Who knew?

So this is the first painting:

Just to give you a better idea of the size of the painting without bombarding you with meaningless measurements that I cannot be bothered to work out, the painting almost fits in the palm of my hand.

Both paintings were made using acrylic paint the only difference is the second painting is, I don't know, three times the size of the first one? I'm not a mathematician for a reason guys.

(Painting of raindrops on leaves... with real leaves!)

I am convinced my neighbours thought I was a weirdo when I went outside, stood in the garden staring at the bush for about 10 minutes before finally pulling off seven leaves and then staring at the leaves to make sure they were the right ones for another five or so minutes. I was sick though so I was really just wasting time because I had nothing better to do aside from take the photo.

I don't know who the photographer for either of these photos was.

I'm really happy with the first painting but the second one I needed to pay more attention to the whole perspective thing and there needed to be more water droplets but me being me, I got lazy towards the end so I didn't put as much effort in.

It was a good learning experience for blending the colours which I am not very good at. The background of the second painting needed to be blurred more but I'm just going to use artistic license as my excuse for that aspect.

I'm currently working on more raindrop kind of paintings so if you aren't already you should go follow my art Instagram @bobblegary to see them.

I tried to take some close up pictures of the detail but I took them in bad lighting so they're all fuzzy and I don't want to include them in this post.
Till next time, when I hopefully have something more interesting to share,
Erin :)


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