Friday, 12 February 2016

PLEASE READ: The image of the Hedgehogs under the tree is not my own. I found it on google images however it belongs to Angie Vandenbogaard. It is an art print and an amazing one at that which you can find here (Product Link):  (Shop link): All I did was add the written text to the side of the image.

Perhaps your the kind of person who doesn't celebrate Valentines because it's just some 'silly holiday' or you aren't dating anyone, making you resent February the 14th when it rolls around every year. However this year, whether you celebrate Valentines or not, I challenge you to look at it as more of a day to celebrate the people in your life right now and to show them you care, whether you're dating them or not. These people could include your boyfriend or girlfriend but it could also include your friends and family, or that random person you see on the bus, say hi to them, ask them how they've been, start a conversation with them because honestly, who doesn't love a good conversation?

Valentines isn't just a day on which people receive red roses, chocolates and any and every heart shaped product ever known in the history of the universe (or in some cases girls send flowers to themselves). This year I want you to give your best friend a hug (unless you're like me and aren't fond of physical contact - keep your hugs away from me!) and tell them how much they mean to you.

You can tell them with spoken words, a handmade card, over social media or just bake a cake - that one speaks for itself, no words necessary. Just don't blow up your kitchen... or house, in the process and if you do, remember, I played no part in telling you to make that cake. You never read this, this post doesn't exist... are my mind powers working? And if you're not into thanking people for being awesome you can always prank your friends by giving them fake Valentines which I have so never done... - friend, you know who you are. I hope you've forgiven me.

This Valentines, make someone smile by telling them just how grateful you are to have them be a part of your life and show people that even if they don't have a significant other they don't have to mope around, Valentines is a day we can all celebrate. It's people appreciation day!

Till next time,
Erin xoxo.

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