Wednesday, 10 February 2016

So today I had the oh so brilliant idea to share with you some of my favourite songs at the moment. Oh wait, did I say brilliant? Oops, I meant terrible idea. I'm far too indecisive to choose my favourite songs, even if all I have to do is narrow it down to nine. The other issue was that I figured I couldn't fill the whole list up with AURORA's music so let's just put it this way, the one song I put down by her counts for all her songs. If you read my 'Farewell January' post then you would already know I'm obsessed with her. Any who I hope you like this post and till next time, Erin xoxo.

Another Love // Tom Odell
Right Click Save // The Wombats
Ain't It Fun // Paramore
Conqueror // AURORA
Cry Baby // Melanie Martinez
Change For Love // Little Sea
What Are You Waiting For // Emmelie de Forest
Falling // Jamie McDell
Ex's and Oh's // Elle King

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