Monday, 15 February 2016

Welcome people of the internet. So one day I went down the beach to find that there was sea mist/fog EVERYWHERE! It rolled in from out to sea and covered everything for a good half of the day. It looked like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean where Captain Jack Sparrow would suddenly come into view aboard The Black Pearl. It looked beautiful so of course I had to take some photos, some of which I will be sharing with you today. Because I took quite a few photos and I view choosing between pictures the way I feel a parent would choosing a favourite between their children there will be a part two so that this post doesn't go on for fifty million years. But don't worry, there's no way I'll spring a part three on you.

Any way I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and be sure to let me know which one is your favourite. Till next time, Erin xoxo.

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