Sunday, 3 January 2016

Hey there! So I don't know about you but (I'm not feeling 22) I like to cover my school books and considering I'm on summer holidays right now and will be going back to school soon (well not soon but still sort of soon but not at the same time < because that totally made sense)  I thought it would be the perfect time to show you some cool ways to cover your school books. The only issue is I don't actually have my school books yet because I haven't had a chance to go shopping so I've tried my best to work with what I already own. All of these ideas revolve around using fabric so if you don't think this is for you then click here to head over to Emma's blog where you can find even more creative ways to cover your books. 

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Measure the amount of fabric you need to cover your book. 
Make sure you leave some extra on the sides to fold over to the inside of the cover.

Glue the fabric onto the front cover.If you want you can fold the edge of the fabric close to the rings on your notebook to reduce fraying or you can do the same thing you can see in the photo below and just put mod podge over the top. I tried this last year on my books and this worked just as well as the folding method.

Fold the top edge over (This will be made into a pocket.)
Then glue the pocket on but please remember not to glue down the top part,
otherwise it won't be much of a pocket at all.

Once that's done open the cover and start glueing the rest of the fabric to the inside of the cover. Also if your book has a hole in it for you to write your name then just glue some cardboard over the top to cover it - once everything is finished you won't see it.

And that's the front done. 
Another way you can make a cool pocket is by cutting a triangle shape from your fabric.

Where it can live a long and prosperous life storing little bits of paper that I honestly don't need but am too attached to to throw away.

Another thing you can do is cut out strips of fabric and glue it to some cardboard then 
put it inside the sleeve in your binder. To do this though you will need a binder that has 
an insert sleeve on the front.

You can also make dividers that will match the cover!

I apologise for not including more DIY cover ideas but as I said I don't actually have my school books yet so I don't have much to cover but I will probably make another post like this before I go back to school with even more ideas, though I'm not making any promises because I will probably disappoint. Any who, if you look at the photos below you will see three of my school books from last year (all covered in fabric). This is what they look like after 1 year of being chucked around and squished and overall not treated very well because they're all for subjects that I don't like - that being said I don't like many subjects at school but still. Hopefully this inspires you to cover your school books in a fun and unique way and if you do then be sure to send me a photo.

Till next time,
Erin xoxo.

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  1. These are soooooooo beautiful. Creativity at its finest!



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