Friday, 15 January 2016

Hey there! So I've actually gotten quite a few books recently which is exciting because I absolutely love books but also kind of annoying because now I have no money. Any way, if you're looking for something to read then I hope this helps you.

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The first book I have to show you is Kristina Webb's book. I got this for Christmas and it looks really good. I've read through all the art challenges and I can't wait to complete them. I've started a few but I'm really slow when it comes to drawing so I haven't yet finished any. It was also really interesting to read about her life, especially with the way she incorporates drawings and photos next to the text.

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This is also a book I got for Christmas, as are the next two books you will see. This book is a very short read but it is written very well and has some really good advice in it. If you like Jamie Curry and also like to read then I think it would be great to support her by purchasing this book. It is also very funny so if you're feeling down then pick this one up.

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I haven't yet read this book but I can say one thing. I. LOVE. THE. COVER! I love the colour red and this cover looks amazing. I really liked the first book so I'm excited to see what happens in this one.

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I got this book not really knowing what it was about - I had no idea there were vampires in it - yeah I didn't really think much about the title or any of the other clues that are on the cover and in the blurb... but thinking is for school and I'm on holidays so whatever. This is a stand alone book by Holly Black and I don't really have much to say about it other than I enjoyed reading it, even though it's not the kind of book I would normally read and for a stand alone it didn't feel too rushed. Also can I just say I love Holly Black's writing... she says, even though she's only read two of her books...

No I didn't just go and buy the third book in this series when I haven't even read the second! Ok so perhaps I did - I'm really hoping the second book is good. Either way, it's got a nice cover.

And the last book I bought is Soundless by Richelle Mead. I haven't read anything she's written before so this is going to be a new experience. I'd just heard so much about it online and thought the cover was so pretty that I had to buy it. I may write reviews on some of these books in the future, or I might not. Who knows really.

Have a nice day or night depending on what time you're reading this! And be sure to click the links if you're curious to find out more about each of these books.

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