Friday, 4 December 2015

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass


I’d heard a lot of mixed reviews about this book, mostly good but some bad. The bad ones usually had some relation to the main character, Celaena. I understand that she is a very strong female character but I do feel as though in some ways people’s negative judgement on her is unjust. I mean, if she were a man, I feel like most people would just accept the strong willed personality and happily read on because it would be in a way justified. But either way, I did really love this book. There were some great descriptions and really interesting characters.

The book is written in 3rd person but focuses on Celaena ensuring that a sense of mystery is upheld throughout the story. This is especially helpful when one of the characters is murdered as we have just as much of an idea as to who killed them as Celaena, Dorian and Chaol which keeps things interesting. 

I loved watching the characters develop throughout the story. Sarah managed to write it so that Celaena was not just viewed as a murderor but had a heart as well which was shown through her making friendships and having a joke. I especially liked Dorian’s character as he managed to lighten the mood but I also really liked Chaol and how he brought some humour into things. I also felt that the romance took a back seat which in my opinion is absolutely fabulous as this is a series people! No need to rush things when there are however many books left to develop it in. 

There are a lot of things in this book that I would’ve like to have learnt a lot more about for example things going on outside of the castle type area but once again it is a series so I suppose it will be revealed in future books.


Overall I would rate this book 4 1/2 stars out of five.

Have you read this book? If so what was your favourite part?
I really liked the part where Chaol and Celaena were in well I honestly don’t remember what they were sitting in but it was the part where she had fallen asleep and when she woke up was like to Chaol “Hey, how long have I been asleep?” (not the real quote) and he couldn’t say because he was asleep too which is exactly how I feel during assembly! 

For those of you who have read Throne of Glass: Did you picture the characters as cats every time it said “purred Celaena”… “she purred”… “he purred”. It made me laugh. Perhaps that is why some people don’t like the book, they just have an extreme hatred of cats…

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