Saturday, 7 November 2015

Hello there wonderful people of the internet. Instead of a book related post I thought I would talk about what's been going on in my life recently and what you can expect to see on my blog this month (but not really so much of this second option). 

Also I checked this for spelling errors and grammar mistakes quite a few times but I have a feeling I've missed a few things so if you see words that look like this: dhfbkfsiberg... I'm sorry.

So for the past few weeks school has been quite hectic. I've had tests, assignments, excursions, there's a school production and some other stuff and I haven't really been drawing or reading much.

So back when school wasn't all like "Hey I'm going to give you a tonne of homework just so I can watch you struggle and your social life slowly but surely dwindle to nothing..." I went to the Botanical Gardens for a picnic. OK that's kind of a lie, we did have a lot of work at that point in time but it was a 4 day long weekend so we had the chance just to forget about it for at least one day. Hopefully I will share with you some more of the photos I took soon.

I've also been working on set construction for the school production almost every lunch time and on Saturdays. My friend and I are making a snakes head which will be charmed in the pre-show thingy-ma-bob but I seem to be cursed when it comes to papier-mache because I've had to restart 3 times now.

I was there working on it this morning and we tried to camouflage with our surroundings which was fun and then we sort of played hide 'n' seek in the dark and scared ourselves by playing creepy music...

I went to a Halloween party and I will be showing you more some photos of my costume on Monday so stay tuned for that! :) And we decorated cupcakes.

On Thursday and Friday we had year 5 students coming from all different schools for try year 7 for a day. I didn't get to help out on the Thursday but yesterday I helped out in design and technology where we helped them make reindeer and star Christmas decorations. There were a lot of help words in that last sentence.

I myself am not so fond of mini people, mostly because they don't seem to understand things such as a hot glue gun is hot. But if they do understand that then they are awesome! Some girls when I told them where to hold their star from till they got back to their desk/station thing just didn't understand why I asked them to do that because after all, "Glue is only sticky, not hot."

My favourite kid was called Phoenix and she was so friendly. I didn't do any work with them on the machines (I'm too untrustworthy... real reason, I suck at using the scroll saw) so I glued popsicle sticks together and then started the wrapping of the twine around the edges of the stars we had to make because they weren't allowed to use the hot glue gun. While doing that I got to ask them loads of fun questions, my favourite was would you rather a unicorn or a dragon? For the record, dragons are better but unicorns won. However unicorns are awesome too.

There was this one girl who was OBSESSED with dragons and I couldn't get her to stop talking about them it was crazy! And then there was this other girl who said she didn't want to go to the same school as her brothers and wanted to come to my school because she "actually wants to do something with her life". I was laughing so much at this girl not because I found what she said funny but she was so outright rude and all the other girls were so sweet and friendly. But seriously, who says something like that?

I'm planning a mini giveaway on my art Instagram. It's nothing major as that is what 'mini giveaway' means and it'll probably just be a drawing, actually it will definitely be a drawing because I'm drawing it right now and so far I think it looks good. 
Update because I forgot to post this yesterday... I'm finished the drawing!
I will be posting it on Instagram @bobblegary soon :P

And I have been rambling a lot... a lot more than I thought I would so even though I did other things, I'm going to pretend they never happened.

Have a lovely rest of your day/night depending on where you are in the world and what time you are reading this at...
AND till next time,
Erin xoxo.

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  1. Wow, you sound very busy indeed. I think it would be cool to see the snake head after you guys have finished it. I wish i could draw, I can barely draw a stick person.


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