Monday, 7 September 2015

Hello there. Today I have a DIY video for you! What a video you say? Yeah... it's been a while, a month actually. But better late than never. If you have not watched Avatar the Last Airbender then I apologise, this video won't really be relevant for you unless you want to get creative and use the instructions to create a different character out of any movie or T.V. show that you watch.

If at any point in time in the video you get confused then feel free to ask me a question. Also sorry for the awkward camera angles, I've never really filmed anything like this before but I'll get better with practice.

Any who, I really hope you like the video and enjoy my usual awkward voiceover.
Till next time,
Erin xoxo.

Question of the day: 
Have you seen this show?
What is your favourite quote?

You will need: 

- Polymer clay - yellow, tan, black, pink, blue and orange
- Something to cut the clay with - I used an x-acto knife
- An oven
- Black and white acrylic paint
- That thing that you skewer the charm with so you can hang it... I'll work out what it's called one day. (If anyone knows what this is called then please tell me.)

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