Monday, 10 August 2015

For this DIY project you will need:

A notebook, scissors, glue, gold paper (or gold paint), hole punch, paint brush, blue paper, white posca pen.

First book:

NOTE: Depending on what kind of book you have you may need to change this a bit.

Step 1.

Trace around your piece of white card stock, cut it out, and stick it down (I used sticky tape for this).

Step 2.

If you have gold paper this step will be easy for you, just take your hole punch and punch lots of circles out of the paper. If you don't have gold paper and don't know where you can find it, you can always buy gold paint, paint the paper and once it is dry punch the holes out of that (this is what I had to do).

Step 3.

Now do the same to your pink paper.

Step 4.

Now comes the time for you to stick all the circles onto the paper. For this I used mod podge.

Step 5.

If you are worried about anything falling off you can cover this in a layer of clear contact.
(I apologise that I don't have any photos of this part but if you look at the photo as the very bottom it's the book on the left so hopefully that helps explain what I did.)

Second book:

Step 1.

Do the same thing you did for step one of the last book.

Step 2.

Measure 10 cm down on a piece of pink paper and then measure the width of your book and mark the same on your paper accordingly. Then cut it out and glue this in the centre of your book.
Step 3.

Punch some more circles out of your gold paper (I used smaller circles for this) and glue them on.
You can stick them on at random or you can follow a pattern like I did.

Step 4.

If you don't like how it looks now draw a cloud on another piece of paper, it can be white, black, blue, gold, purple, whatever colour you like.
(You can write your class and name, whatever you want on this part).

NOTE: I actually made these a while ago but then I couldn't find the photos for it. I'm not sure how relevant this will be for other people but for me I am halfway through the school year and right at the moment it looks like I am going to have to buy some new books so if you're in the same situation hopefully this is helpful for you.

Till next time,
Erin xoxo.

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