Book Review: Prey by Michael Crichton

Friday, 6 March 2015

Hey guys! Today I have for you a book review.

I'm not entirely sure how to write these but I'll try my best.

So I just finished reading this book and personally I thought it was great. At first I found it kind of hard to read due to all the scientific words in it which also meant it took me quite a while to read although to be fair I was reading four other books at the same time at one point. Although apart from this problem it was a really good book. There were times when it got a bit confusing but not to the point where I wanted to throw the book at the wall and never look at it again, (not that I've ever done this) just to the point that I might have had to read the paragraph over once more.

The overall plot of the book is that (and suddenly I can't quite remember exactly what the book it about so this may not be entirely accurate) there is this science lab built out in the desert in the middle of nowhere. In this lab people are experimenting with nanotechnology although some problems occur with the programming and this guy is called out to fix it.

I don't want to say anything more than that because I will probably end up reciting half the story...

I thought the story line was quite unique and I have never read a book like it so if you like science fiction stories you might want to read it.
The author also wrote Jurassic Park which I have never read so I can't exactly compare it to that but if you have read it and you liked the writing style then I guess you might like this story.

Just for the sake of it here is the actual blurb:

In the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong. A cloud of nanoparticles -- micro-robots -- has escaped from the laboratory. This cloud is self-sustaining and self-reproducing. It is intelligent and learns from experience. For all practical purposes, it is alive.

It has been programmed as a predator. It is evolving swiftly, becoming more deadly with each passing hour.

Every attempt to destroy it has failed.

And we are the prey.

Till next time, 
Erin xoxo.

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