A Day In Photos #2

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Baking Day

Hello there stranger!

Today I will be sharing with you what I did on Sunday... In photos!
Even though I didn't actually take that many photos.

So let's start with 9:00am

I did some drawing/painting.


Does anyone else have an obsession with clouds?


My sister and I went to a friends house to do some baking...

There we cactuses! 
Wait,is the plural of cactus cacti???

Time: somewhere between 12:50pm and 3pm
Fun fact: I can't cook. I also cannot decorate cupcakes or muffins or whatever they're called.
The cakes in the top left hand corner are the ones I decorated. Looking at the others you can see how much effort I didn't put into coming up with an original idea to decorate it. It was fun though!

We also made sponge cake!

There's a photo of dishwashing liquid there because that's what we had to use to get to food dye off our hands.

Look at all the food. Does it make you hungry?

So that's all the photos I took.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post.
Till next time,
Erin xoxo.

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  1. No, I remember talking about it but I don't actually remember what were were talking about so right now I am very confused.


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