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Thursday, 26 February 2015

So... I thought I would do another post on what I've read recently and what I'm currently reading.

I haven't read as much as last time because of school work but I've still read a few books so I hope you enjoy reading this and leave a comment telling me what book you're currently reading.

  1. Divergent: I know a lot of people have read this book but I have never read it before and I have to say I didn't really like it. 
  2. Insurgent: Despite my dislike of the first book I read the second one and I really should have stopped because that led me to reading the third book which I am currently halfway through before I just gave up and now it's just sitting on my desk... in a corner.
  3. Prey: I started reading this book called Prey by Michael Crinchton. It's got language in the book I'm not used to reading so I'm sort of reading two books at once just so I can get through it even though I'm still basically at the start of the book.
  4. Switched: I've seen some people at my school reading this book and I found it on my computer on iBooks. Not sure why it was there because I've never used iBooks before but I read that and I can't remember much about it. It took me a day to read and it was ok. Not my favourite but I have to say I enjoyed reading it a lot more than Divergent.
  5. The Phoenix Files. Arrival: Ok so I may or may not have read this book like 15 times already. I guess you could say I like the series. It's not for everyone. I know my sister doesn't like the book but I do and I tarted reading Tuesday afternoon and I actually finished reading it the afternoon after I borrowed it from the library which is pretty good for me because I'm a slow reader, especially when I have a lot of school work to do.
Some books that I want to read next are:
Contact: the book that comes after Arrival
and The Book Thief because I'm pretty sure my Mum owns that book but I have not yet read it.

Till next time,
Erin xoxo.

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