Australia Day Meal Plan

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

What should you eat on Australia Day?

You can either eat the same thing you would every day or you could eat lots of stereo-typically Aussie foods, which is exactly what this list consists of.


Starting with breakfast you can kick start your day with some vegemite toast followed by some weet-bix, unless of course you can’t have wheat and then you can’t really have vegemite or weet-bix. If that's the case then you could always try gluten free weet-bix however they are seriously overpriced.

If you're the kind of person who eats snacks in between meals then treat yourself to a Lamington or some Anzac biscuits.  If you don't want to eat either of those then how about trying a Violet Crumble or having some Tim Tams. Or just have some fairy bread because everyone likes murdering fairies so they can eat them as a spread on small pieces of bread cut in the shape of triangles.


For lunch you can have a good old meat pie, sausage rolls are good too.
To go with the meat pie and sausage rolls cook yourself some shrimp on the barbie with some sausage sangers.
However we all know they aren't actually shrimp, they're prawns.


And now you get to eat steak for dinner!
With the desert option of pavlova.

So basically guys, if you are a vegetarian or a vegan or have any special dietary requirements then a stereo-typically Aussie diet is not good for you. In fact it's probably not good for anyone.

The only things I would be able to eat on this list would be the prawns, steak and the weet-bix if I take the gluten free option and have them with non-dairy milk... however I'm not a big fan of meat.
It'll be normal food for me on Australia day.

If your an Aussie how do you spend Australia day?

If you've read down to here, here's hoping you enjoyed reading this and understood that it was in fact a joke.



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